Metabolism Boosters: The 17 Billion Dollar Myth

Many weight loss supplements make the claim that they can… “Boost your metabolic rate” Let’s ignore the fact that most weight loss supplements have no science behind their formulas. Some weight loss supplements can boost your metabolism, but the question is this…

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3 Reasons Why Counting Calories Doesn’t Work

When I hit 21, I was the heaviest I’d ever been. I wasn’t obese or even overweight, but I wanted to lose a few of the extra pounds I had gained recently. So, I started to count calories. Counting calories was easier said than done… Any time I ate out or forgot to track my […]

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The Unfair Reason Some People Can Eat Whatever They Want Without Getting Fat

Have you ever had a friend who eats chocolate, pizza, and junk food every day, yet effortlessly stays skinny and attractive? I have a lot of those friends and I’m envious. If I eat a piece of cake I get bloated for the rest of the day and gain water weight.

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